Felix, 17 yrs., was diagnosed at one month old with Meningitis, had various Seizures and two Brain Surgeries.  He was excited to be one of the Freedom to Walk Foundation 5th Annual Gala’s WalkAide Recipient.  He said that it was the first time him and his family went to a fancy place like the Centre Club in Tampa.  There was so many people that did not know him but cared enough to help him and the other WalkAide Recipient, Samuel (5 yrs. old, Cerebral Palsy) to help them to get their own WalkAides.  He appreciates everything that the Freedom to Walk Foundation and everyone has done for him and his family. (Pictured:  Felix is Happy to be wearing his own WalkAide).


Obtaining a WalkAide at 26 with my friends, family and the Freedom to Walk Foundation’s help changed the course of my brain surgery induced stroke recovery! I walk without a brace, I hike mountains, and just recently, I ran 2 miles!! 😍 THANK YOU!!!

With special thanks to the Freedom to Walk Foundation, founded and run by an amazing woman, Daisy Vega. Big and teary thanks to our amazing and generous donors, as well as to friends who have supported us over the years. George suffered a stroke in 2014 and this Walkaide will contribute greatly to his healing and more mobile lifestyle.
George & Rosie

Christmas came early for Kadin at the Tampa Bay Business Owners 6th Annual Christmas In July at the TPepin’s Hospitality Centre. Freedom To Walk Foundation donated a WalkAide to Kadin Davis, 8 years old, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy from New Port Richey, FL.

THANK YOU to the Foundation’s Board and TBBOs’ Members!

Thank You to the Freedom to Walk Foundation, The Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation and the Community! Because of YOU, Joyce Renee Lindley is walking with her WalkAide!

TOGETHER, Enriching Lives, One Foot At A Time!